8 FREE ways to promote your event!

Are you gearing up to host an exciting event in the St George Region? Whether it’s a fundraiser, festival, or workshop, spreading the word is essential to ensure its success. Luckily, promoting your event doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are eight free ways to get the word out and ensure your event is a hit!

Design an Eye-Catching Event Poster: Not everyone is a design whiz, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a visually appealing poster. Utilise free templates on platforms like Canva to craft professional-looking posters. Once done, don’t just limit it to online promotion; print copies to post on local noticeboards and distribute to businesses and accommodation around the area.

Harness the Power of Facebook Events: Facebook is a fantastic tool for event promotion, but don’t settle for just sharing your poster on your page. Instead, create a dedicated Event attached to your page and invite all your friends. Encourage them to spread the word by inviting their own networks. It’s a sure-fire way to reach a broader audience.

List Your Event on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW): Want to attract visitors from beyond our region? List your event on ATDW. It will then automatically be shared by Tourism & Events Queensland and Outback Queensland Tourism Association as well as online Community Diaries, giving your event exposure to a wider audience and potentially drawing in attendees from far and wide! If you need help, contact them on 1300 137 225.

List Your Event on the Balonne Community Diary: The Balonne Community Diary is the hub for all local events, big and small. Register your organisation and follow the simple steps to list your event for free. It’s a centralised platform that locals regularly check for upcoming activities. Note, if you’ve already listed your event on ATDW, you can skip this step as your event will automatically be promoted on the Balonne Community Diary!

Tap into the St George Region Explore Centre: The Explore Centre (Visitor Centre) isn’t just for tourists; it’s also an excellent resource for promoting local events. Reach out to our staff and provide details about your event. We can help spread the word to travellers passing through and promote it across our social media platforms.

Submit an Event Notice to the Balonne Bulletin: Get your event featured in the local newsletter by sending an event notice to the Balonne Bulletin (contact: media@balonne.qld.gov.au). Additionally, consider reaching out to local schools to have your event promoted in their newsletters, reaching families and community members directly.

Utilise the Council’s Electronic Message Board: Make use of your local resources by contacting the Council and requesting to promote your event on the Electronic Message Board outside the Main Council Office. It’s a prime spot for catching the attention of passers-by and residents alike.

Leverage Word of Mouth: Last but not least, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Encourage attendees, volunteers, and supporters to spread the word about your event within their networks. Personal recommendations can be incredibly effective in driving attendance.

By utilising these great free promotional resources, your event is sure to attract attention and attendance from the community and beyond. Get ready to host a memorable and successful gathering that leaves everyone talking!

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