Self Drive Itineraries

We’ve curated 3 self drive Itineraries ranging from a 3 day Outback Experience to a full 5 day road trip exploring everything the region has to offer.

Explore St George Region / Self Drive Itineraries

Explore the St George region with our self drive tours

Something for all the family from national parks to riverside walks, bird watching to heritage tours.

St George Region Fishing Loop

Experience the ultimate inland fishing in Queensland with the St George Region Fishing Loop! Renowned as the Inland Fishing Capital, each of the region’s seven towns sits on a river or waterway, making it a perfect fishing destination.

St George Heritage Trail

Take a trip down memory lane, all at your own pace with the St George Heritage Trail. This self-drive trail has 20 points of interest that will have you exploring St George’s important historical sites within the town area.

St George Region Pub Trail

The St George Region is rich in history especially being a main thoroughfare for the Cobb & Co mail coaches. It is because of this that the ever-growing number of public houses, fondly known as shanties, were dotted all over the shire.

Produce, Parks & Pubs

Itinerary - 5 Days
This 5-day journey across the St George Region will have you exploring this country oasis by experiencing historic pubs, national parks, and local history and culture. Spot wildlife, learn from local producers and unwind under shady trees on the banks of creeks and rivers.

Outback Oasis Explored

Itinerary - 3 Days - 158km
This 3-day journey across the St George Region will have you exploring this outback country oasis by experiencing historic pubs, inland fishing, local characters and spotting wildlife.

Adventure Way Loop

Itinerary - 4 Days - 365 Km
This 4-day journey beginning in St George will have you exploring this country oasis. Experience our best pubs, local fishing hot spots and rural history before finishing in Bollon — ready to continue your journey west along the Adventure Way.