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The St George Region is rich in history especially being a main thoroughfare for the Cobb & Co mail coaches. It is because of this that the ever-growing number of public houses, fondly known as shanties, were dotted all over the shire.

We would have loved to capture the history and stories of every single one of these establishments, but the number far outgrew the time and space allocated for such a trail.

“Truly, we must be fond of our beer. I daresay the time may come when we shall have a school or a church,
or a mechanics’ institute, or school of arts, or something of that sort.”

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Australian Hotel Motel

Australian Hotel Motel St George, 98 St Georges Terrace, Saint George QLD 4487, Australia148.5786111-28.0355556

Cobb and Co Hotel

20 Henry St, St George QLD 4487, Australia148.5814689-28.035924

Bollon Hotel

Bollon Hotel, 30 Main Street, Bollon QLD, Australia147.4797688-28.0321578

Dirranbandi Hotel Motel

Dirranbandi Hotel Motel, Moore Street, Dirranbandi QLD, Australia148.2261403-28.5849371

Hebel Pub

Hebel Hotel, William Street, Hebel QLD, Australia147.7947933-28.9724504

Dirran Pub

The Dirran Pub, Railway Street, Dirranbandi QLD, Australia148.2269287-28.5855808

Two Mile Hotel

355 Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi QLD, Australia148.9739611-28.9456656

St George Hotel Motel

St George Hotel & Motel, Henry Street, Saint George QLD, Australia148.5808819-28.0342182

Francis Hotel

Francis Hotel, Booligar Street, Thallon QLD, Australia148.8677284-28.6370613