Living in the St George Region truly is amazing and here’s why….

This time of year is particularly beautiful, the scenery and greenery, the wildflowers, and local gardens, all of these things attract all kinds of wildlife. Right now, there is an abundance of grass parrots, both male and female getting their fix of super green lawn. The sound of cockatoos screeching as they fly overhead in groups is a sight to be seen. Another noisy one that loves a laugh is the Kookaburra, often seen as a couple and maybe sometimes in threes. This year there have also been local reports of echidnas in town stirring up the ants living in garden logs and making a mess of the local gardens, all very exciting for the kiddies! Explore our National Parks

If you have children or not and love the outdoors or you just want to connect with nature, hanging out by the river or off camping is one the easiest activities our local families love to do. Take some time out, soak up the amazing weather, kayaking, swimming, fishing, jumping from the trees into the water, water skiing bush walks, camp oven cooking, marshmallow roasting, finishing your days with a sing along or story telling around a crackling fire. If roughing is not your style, we also have a number of wonderful caravan parks, most with cabins. If you take your accommodation with you, pull up, unhitch and take a day trip around the Shire and through our national parks, the wildflowers are truly incredible. Pack a picnic or stop at one of the pubs along the way. Explore our Camping & Caravan Parks

If you’re looking for an experience of rejuvenation or wanting to get your kids or yourselves off the grid and reset, now is the most amazing time. Call into the Visitor Information Centre in St George and we’ll definitely point you in the right direction.

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