Dirranbandi Bakery

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Do yourself a favour while travelling and pit-stop at the Dirranbandi Bakery.

Russian-born baker Natalia runs the local gem. The bakery is a highlight for many visitors to Dirranbandi and will have you coming back for seconds.

Their stocked up cabinets feature homemade pies, bakery favourites like vanilla slice, as well as sweet Russian delights. Fuel up early on breakfast and the friendly staff will sort your coffee fix. Try the bakery’s fresh flaky croissants, raisin toast or made to order toasted sandwiches.

There is plenty of seating both inside and out for you to enjoy your locally made treats like their traditional honey bread, Pryanick. Order some of their Turkish delight, baklava or European biscuits to take on the road with you to continue exploring the town.

While you relax, check out the beautiful ornate drinking sets on display at the Dirranbandi Bakery.

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Dirranbandi Bakery

Dirranbandi Bakery, 27-29 Railway St, Dirranbandi QLD 4486, Australia

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