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The Boomerangs at Nindigully were originally constructed for Hugh Jackman’s 1999 feature film debut, Paperback Hero.  Filmed in Nindigully, the Boomerangs were from the movie’s Boomerang Cafe.  While the Nindigully Pub is a well-known stop for travellers, its annual pig races and road train burgers, few know about its history in film.  Nindigully was selected as the filming location by writer and director, Antony J Bowman.  Bowman travelled through New South Wales and Queensland to locate the exact place where the story of Paperback Hero would unfold.  To honour the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the film’s release, the iconic Boomerangs were brought back to life in 2019 with St George artist and descendant of Kamilaroi nations, Yuwulaaraary Euahlayi and Bigambul, Barry “Rainman” Boland transformed the sculptures to their full glory.

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Paperback Hero Boomerangs

Nindigully, Thallon QLD, Australia

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