Thallon GrainCorp Silos

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Driving along the Carnarvon Highway you’ll spot the vibrant Thallon GrainCorp Silo from miles away.

The Watering Hole Mural covers four, 30-metre-high silos featuring icons of the district including the Moonie River, a beautiful sunset, a scarred tree recognising Thallon’s Indigenous community, pale-faced rosellas and a mob of sheep which celebrates the area’s agriculture.

The award-winning murals, named “Best of the Best” at the 2019 Australian Street Art Awards after winning the “Best Rural Art” category, were painted by Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson, aka The Zookeeper and Drapl. It’s hard to believe that this stunning photo opportunity must-have was created from just one A4-sized drawing.

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Thallon GrainCorp Silos

Thallon Grain Silos, Thallon QLD, Australia

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